Sunday, June 1, 2008

I´ve been tagged !!

So I guess I've been tagged by the great Vinnie Pearce ;-)

Here are my answers

Four Jobs I've Held:
wow....I´ve had many jobs, because in Iceland every teenagers start to work during the summer from 12-13 years old !
  • When I was a teenager I stayed 3 summers on a farm, helping out in the house and outside !

  • For 7 years I worked as a youth counselor at a youth center in Reykjavík.

  • For 10 summers I worked at a Rehabilitation Center in my hometown, started out in the kitchen, then I answered the phone, worked my way up to physical therapist assistant and ended up as a health therapist.

  • Now I´m a phys ed teacher, teaching 6-12 years old children how to swim and exercise :-)

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

  • Dirty dancing....loooove that movie !

  • Forrest Gump - a classic !

  • Anne of Green Gable, who doesn´t love that red haired girl with her mouth beneath her nose ;-)

  • Finding Nemo, It was my daughters favorite and I DID watch it over and over again !

Four Places I've Lived:

  • Mosfellsbaer, Iceland - my childhood home until I was about 23 years old.

  • Larchmont NY - I was an au-pair there for 8 months

  • Laugarvatn, Iceland - A little place of 150 people (!) where I went to collage for 2 years, wonderful place.

  • Mosfellsbaer, Iceland - My home right now :-)
Four TV Shows I Like:
  • So you think you can dance, my niece is going to be on season four !

  • Friends - I can watch them over and over again !

  • Greys Anatomy

  • Desperate housewifes

Four People Who Email Me Regularly:

  • My boss !

  • My husband

  • My swimming group

  • My dinner group
Four Things You Do Almost Every Day Without Fail:
  • I wake up (thank God !!)

  • I cuddle my daughter

  • Check out my favorite digital scrapbooking sites ;-)

  • I go to sleep after a good day, looking forward to the next !

Four Favorite Foods:
  • Icelandic lamb ala mamma (mom)

  • Toast with cheese never fails !

  • The tex mex fish soup I love

  • Icelandic fish with photatos, mashed with butter...yummy !!!

Four Places I'd Rather Be:
Well, I love where I am right now but...
  • Who wouldn´t wanna be on a sunny beach, especially when you live in Iceland :-)

  • On a camping trip on a bright Icelandic summer night with all of my friends, there is nothing like the bright summer night !

  • I wanna be in China right now :-)

  • I wanna be....well, I just wanna be right here, right now !

Four people I'm tagging

Lilja (liljatr)

Sarah (my3hens)

Deb (The pixel fairy princess)

Well....I´m just tagging 3 people ;-)

And finally, here´s my new LO, Lower lip.

My daughter has never used a pacifier ! Who needs a pacifier when you have your lower lip ;-) She is now almost 4 and I hardly see her sucking her lower lip anymore. But she also has a fleece blanket that she likes to rub against her nose and mouth ! Credits here !


  1. Kristin, I loved reading more about you! your very funny! gosh you live in a very interesting place! YOur page is amazing by the way, what a cute little girl you have, thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks Kristin for the visit to my blog and i really enjoyed reading all your answers. I am a huge fan of your gorgeous layouts!