Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two new LOs

for the last two days, that´s fast for me ;-)

First I made this LO from various kits, my little nature girl. A photo taken last summer.

The second one I made from this beautiful kit, Special to me by Jazzmin design. I was RAKed with this beautiful kit :-)

That´s all for now ! Over and out.....


  1. hi sweetie, it's me, maszyna złomowa ;D

  2. These are so gorgeous!! Love your work darlin!

  3. Frábærar síður hjá þér, alltaf svo dugleg að skrappa.

  4. Awsome work, I love your pages <3

    And while I`m here-->

    I've tagged you on my blog:
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    Take care!
    Siw Aina