Monday, January 26, 2009

Waiting for you...

...was soooo hard but you were totally worth the wait !!

Looking back to the wait I see now that it was very short, only 14 month from the decision to adopt until we had her in our arms (7 months from LID to Referral). But the wait was sooo hard because we had been waiting for so many years before the 14 months. Now we have been waiting for about 2 years for a baby sister or a baby brother !!!!!


  1. I feel your wait - we are in the same boat - but you are right - worth waiting for :D
    Ladybug hugs,

  2. You are such a wonderful scrapper, I`d like to add you to my team when I`m back in the designing chair...interested? ( I`m having a break right now because of morning sickness...all day long) Hugs

  3. Þessi er æðislega flott hjá þér, og já biðin er þess virði að bíða, þó hún taki vel á.