Friday, February 5, 2010

Re-creation 23

My two favorite designers just happened to team up to make a sequel to their kit Creation 23 and the new kit is called Re-creation 23. The designers are Createwingsdesigns and Catherine designs :-) The kit is just wonderful and so versatile.

Here is my layout, My angel.

Yes, I almost forgot....I got a blog reward...really, me...the lousy blogger ;-)

My dear friend Dawn (Createwingsdesigns) gave me that Gorgeous blog award...thank you so much..I'm not worthy !!

Here are the rules for this Award:

Put the name and link of who gave you this award on your blog.

Then pass it on to 5 blogs which you think are AWSOME !!

....but, I´m such a lousy blogger with so little time on my hand so......I don´t have time now..sorry !!