Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Playhouse - part 2

Last year I posted some pictures of the playhouse we were building for our daughters. If you missed it you can see it here.

Now we have almost finished it inside.  Yesterday it was our younger daughters birthday and our older daughters birthday is coming up soon so we decided to make it their surprise birthday present.  They were very happy and have been playing there all day long :-)

Here are some pictures of the playhouse....named Kínakot or China cottage, because our daughters are from China !

First we had to do some painting inside and we chose pink and green along with the white.
 The table, bench and chairs are a birthday gift to the girls from us and their grandparents.
 My husband made the little shelves and I painted them. 
 The IKEA kitchen was a birthday gift for the girls last year from their grandparents.

 I also made the pictures in the frames in photoshop.

 My husband bought these lights last year on sale but I didn´t like the picture, some tacky Barbie picture that I didn´t think fitted into the house.  So I just made another picture in photoshop (matching the frames) and it lookes just perfect :-)

 Of course the house needed some flowers and a postbox.
 And here is the playhouse.  We have still some work to do....painting the picket fence !!
 And here are the girls, having a birthday breakfast in the house !
 The birthday girl, 3 years old !

 Let´s cook some dinner !! 

 My older beauty...almost 7
 You´ve got mail !!
I hope you liked it.  I´ll show you more pictures when we finish it all :-)